Original Squad Leader Game

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Original Squad Leader Game

Postby jimwwms » Sat Aug 27, 2016 4:35 am

Routing a BROKEN squad.

Relative to the "must stop in first hex of cover": This is the requirement of para 13.44 which is a subpara of 13.4 which is dealing with units in the open. My contention, backed up by the Q & A on page 23 of Ed 4 Rules dealing with Routing is that units already in cover may rout up to the MP of the unit but may not enter a hex that is adjacent to or in LOS of a known enemy unit. It seems logical that if a squad BREAKS that is already in cover that the men would run deeper into the cover and not necessarily just one hex. Now once they stop the Rout, they are stuck in the hex until fired on again when they may Rout again.

The allowance to continue to Rout through a building has nothing to do with the fact that a unit might be overstacking in the first hex entered. Once in cover, they seek the safest location which is usually deeper in the cover and out of LOS of known enemy units.

EXAMPLE: Russian Squads in 1Y4 and 1Y5 are both BROKEN, Germans advance into 1Z4 adjacent to them. Rout phase: I move both squads from 1Y4 and 1Y5 to 1X3 within the same stone building. Opponents says the squad in 1Y5 must stop in 1X4 because reached the first hex not adjacent or in LOS of enemy and in cover. I say they are already in cover and can move up to their MP as long as not in LOS of enemy.

Please give a ruling.

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Re: Original Squad Leader Game

Postby Duncan » Tue Aug 30, 2016 8:06 pm

You will get a faster reply if you contact the AHIKS judge directly. You can look him up in the K or on the bottom of the match assignment sheet.
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