Seeking Opponents for Multi-Player

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Seeking Opponents for Multi-Player

Postby JulianTheApostate » Tue Jan 07, 2014 8:38 am

I was looking to see who (and how many) might be interested in the following multi-player titles: After the Holocaust (SPI), using Cyberboard; Kingmaker (AH), using Vassal; Republic of Rome (AH), using Vassal or ACTS; Imperium Romanum II (WEG), using Vassal. Of these, I would probably only play the one (maybe two) that received the most interest. There's already one sign-up, Mike Kettman, for KIngmaker.

In addition, I wondered if there was any interest in Gunslinger (AH) and/or Gladiator (AH), both using Vassal. These can be played 2-player (though Gladiator is more suited than Gunslinger) but can have multiple players either in single games and/or over the course of a continuing campaign where your character(s) can advance or diminish in skill/ability. I would be willing to play either or both in addition to the single contest of one of the above games.

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