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Across Five Aprils General 25-2 Counter Insert
Advanced Civilization Bulge ‘81
Afrika Korps Empires in Arms
Air Assault on Crete 1776
Anzio Tac Air
ASL (Beyond Valor, Red Barricades, Yanks)
B-17 General 26-3 Counter Insert
Bismarck Flight Leader
Blitzkreig Firepower
Bitter Woods (1st ed. No Utility), 2nd ed Merchant of Venus
Breakout Normandy
Bulge ‘65 General 28-5 Counter Insert
Bulge ’81

Midway/Guadalcanal Expansion

Bulge ’91
Bull Run
Caesar’s Legions Merchant of Venus
Chancellorsville Panzer Armee Afrika
Civil War Panzer Blitz
Desert Storm (Gulf Strike: Desert Shield) Panzerkrieg
D-Day Panzer Leader
Devil’s Den Russian Campaign
1809 Siege of Jerusalem (Roman Only)
Empires in Arms 1776
Firepower Stalingrad (Original)
Flashpoint Golan Stalingrad (AHgeneral.org version)
Flat Top (No Markers) Storm over Arnhem
Fortress Europa Squad Leader
France 1940 Submarine
Gettysburg ‘77 Tactics II
GI Anvil (German & SS Infantry; Small Arms) Third Reich
Guadalcanal Tobruk
Hells Highway (German) Turning Point Stalingrad
Hitler’s War VITP
Hundred Days Battles War at Sea


Battles for the Ardennes (Some Allied) Jackson/Corinth Reinforce the Right! (S&T 180)
Berlin ‘85 Kharkov Soldiers (Off-Centered)
Boar Nicaragua (S&T 120) Solomons Campaign
Operation Typhoon (Soviet) Sorcerer
Crusader Panzergruppe Guderian South Africa
Eylau Plot to Assassinate Hitler Strategy One
Fall of Rome Raid Tannenburg
Fighting Sail Red Star/White Star To The Green Fields Beyond

Unit Type Marked Blank Counters (Misc gray, white, olive green, tan, light blue)


ACES HIGH (3W) English Civil War (Ariel) Operation Crusader (FGA)
Alesia (GMT) Eylau (3W) Proud Monster (XTR)
Alexandros (Command #10) Field Marshall (Jedko) Race for Tunis (3W)
Ardennes (Gamers)  First Blood (AHIKS) RAF (Decision)
Barbarossa (TSR) German Only Forward to Richmond (3W)  Raphia (GDW)
Bastogne or Bust (Terran Games) - Confederate Only Stalin’s Tanks (Metagaming)
Battle of Britain (Gamescience) Gleam of Bayonets (TSR) Sturm Nach Osten (3W)
Bitter Woods (L2)  Hundred Days Battles (OSG) Tigers in the Mist (GMT)
- Expansion & Some Utility Hunters (Consim Press) Victory in the West (GMT: German)
Blank Counters (Various) Jerusalem (SDC) Von Manstein (Rand)
Blitzkrieg ’41 (XTR) Landships! (COA) Sheet 1 War Without Mercy (COA)
Case White (GDW: Polish-Soviet)

-Front counters fine, back off center

Wilderness War (GMT)
Chickamauga (West End) Lawrence of Arabia (3W) World in Flames (ADG 5th ed.)
Clash of Steel (3W) Legend Begins 
Colonies in Revolt (TSR) - (Rhino & Terran Games 3rd ed.)
C.V. (Yaquinto) Missile Boat (Rand)
Dark December (OSG) Moscow ’41 (TSR)
Decision at Kasserine (3W) 1944 (3W: Germans)
Desert Rats (Simulation Games) Objective Schmidt (Gamers)
Dresden (3W & Simulation Games) One Page Bulge (Steve Jackson)

Command Magazine Asst- Black Gold, Blood & Iron, Buena Vista, Mississippi Banzai, NNN- D-Day 90, Olustee, Triumph of the Will, Emperor’s First Battles Repl., Maneuver, Napoleon’s Last Battles Repl., Sevastapol, Kreig Repl.

Gamers Repl/Variant Counters 92, 94& 95 
1992: Barren Victory, Bloody 110, Bloody Roads South, Force E’s War, Guderian’s Blitzkrieg, Omaha, Stalingrad Pocket 
1994: Ardennes, Enemy at the Gates, GD ’40, Guderian’s Blitzkrieg, M’Kau 
1995: Black Wednesday, Hunters From The Sky, Perryville, CWB, April’s Harvest, GD’40, Tunisia 
1997: Gaines Mill, Hubes Pocket, SP2, TCS Airstrike counters, Generic CWB repl. leaders, etc. 
1998: A Raging Storm, Afrika, Gaines Mill, GD’41, OCS Dumps, Semper Fi!, Stalingrad Pocket II, TCS Aircraft 
1999: Seven Pines, GD ’41, Raging Storm, Stalingrad Pocket 2, Lodz 1914, Hallowed Ground, Hube’s Pocket


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Aces High (3W) Map 
Advanced Civilization (AH) Map, Cards 
Alexandros (Command #10) Mag, Map, Rules 
Afrika Korps (AH) Map, Battle Manual, Rules, 
TRC (Partly used), CRT 
Air Assault on Crete (AH) Rules-h, OOBs 
Armada (SPI) Rules and Errata 
ASL (AH) 1st ed. Rules, Red Barricades Map, Asst. scenarios 
Bastogne or Bust (Terran) Misc. Parts 
Battle for Moscow (GDW) Map, Rules 
Battle of Britain (Gamescience) Misc. Parts 
Battle of the Ring (Wargamer #1) Rules 
Birth of a Nation (3W) Rules 
Bismarck (AH) Map, Rules, Charts 
Bitter Woods (AH) Map, OOBs 1sted., Rules 2nd & 3rd editions. 
Bitter Woods (L2) Map, Charts, OOBs 
Blenheim (3W) Map, Rules 
Bloody Buna (3W) Rules 
Blue Max (3W) Rules 
Bulge ’65 (AH) Map, Battle Manual, CRT, OOBs 
Bulge ’81 (AH) OOBs- scans of 
Breakout Normandy (AH) Map, Charts, Rules, OOBs 
Breitenfeld (SPI) Map, Rules 
Bull Run (AH) Map, Charts, Rules-h 
Caesar’s Legions (AH) Rules 
Cassino (SPI) Rules 
Chancellorsville (AH) Map, Rules, Charts 
Chickamauga (West End) Map, Rules, Union/Confed Chart 
Condor (3W) Rules 
Crescendo of Doom (AH) Rules-h, Ref Charts, Scenario Cards 
Cross of Iron (AH Rules 2nd ed.-h, scenario cards) 
C.V. (Yaquinto) Map, Rules, Charts 
Decision at Kasserine (3W) Rules, Order of Appearance Charts 
D-Day (AH) Map, Rules, CRTs 
Devil’s Den (AH) Rules-h, Charts 
Desert Rats (Simulation Games) Cover Sheet fair 
Destruction of Army Group Center (SPI) Rules 
Divine Right (TSR) Rules 
Dresden 1813 (3W/Decision) Rules 
East is Red (SPI) Rules 
1809 (VG) Map, Org Displays 
Empires in Arms (AH) Map, Rules, Charts 
English Civil War (Ariel) Various Parts 
Eylau (SPI) Map & (3W) Map 
Fall of Rome (SPI) Rules 
First Blood (AHIKS) Map, Rules 
Fortress Europa (AH) Rules 1st ed., Map, charts, OOBs ed.? 
Forward to Richmond (3W) Rules & 2nd ed. Supplement 
France 1940 (AH) Map, Rules, Charts, OOBs 
Panzer Armee Afrika (AH) Map, Rules, TEC 
Gettysburg 77 (AH) Map 
G.I. Anvil of Victory (AH) Rules, Scenario Cards 
Gleam of Bayonets (TSR) Map, Rules 
Great War in the East (SPI) Rules- Both Standard & Tannenberg 
Guadalcanal (AH) Map, Charts, Manual 
Hell Hath No Fury (3W) Rules, Map 
Hitler’s Last Gamble (3W) Map 
Hitler’s War (AH) Map, Record Cards 
Hundred Days Battles (Both OSG & AH Version) Map, Rules-h 
Jackson/Corinth (SPI) Map, Rules Both 
Jerusalem (SDC) TEC, OOBs 
Kaiser’s Battles (S&T 83) Mag, Rules 
Kharkov (SPI) Map 
Kreig (3W) Charts Only 
Lawrence of Arabia (3W) Rules 
Legend Begins (Rhino) 1st ed. Map, Rules, Charts & (Terran) 3rd ed. Rules, Charts 
Marston Moor (3W) Rules 
Merchant of Venus (AH) Map, Rules-h, Misc. 
Napoleon at Waterloo (SPI) 2nd ed. Map, Rules 
Napoleon’s Art of War (S&T 75) Magazine Only 
Nicaragua (S&T 120) Map, Rules, Magazine 
Never Call Retreat (3W) Rules 
October War (S&T 61 Rules) 
One Page Bulge (Steve Jackson) Map, Rules, CRT/TRC 
Panzer Blitz (AH) Map, Rules, Scenario Cards 
Panzerkreig (AH) Rules-h 
Panzer Leader (AH) Map, Scenario Cards 
Paths of Glory (GMT) Map 
Plot To Assassinate Hitler (S&T 59) Rules 
Raphia (GDW) Map, Rules 
Red Star/White Star (SPI) Map, Rules Both, Status Sheets 
Reinforce the Right! (SPI S&T 180) Map, Rules 
Russian Campaign (AH) Rules 2nd ed., Map, Charts 
Scrimmage (SPI) Rules 
1776 (AH) Map, charts, Rules 
Squad Leader (AH) Rules 3rd ed., Charts, Scenario Cards, Maps 
Soldiers (SPI) Map 
Solomons Campaign (SPI) Map, Rules, Charts 
Sorcerer (SPI) Map, Rules 
South Africa (S&T 62) Rules 
Stalin’s Tanks (Metagaming) Rules, Map 
Strategy One (SPI) Map, Charts 
Sturm Nach Osten (3W) Rules 
Tactics II (AH) Map, Rules, Time-Weather Chart 
Tank (SPI) Rules 
Tannenburg (SPI) Map 
Third Reich (AH) Map, 1ed. Rules, Scenario Cards 
Tigers in the Mist (GM) Rule, Map both rough shape, Charts 
Tobruk (AH) Roster Pad 
Triplanetary (GDW) Map 
Veracruz (SPI) Rules 
VITP (AH) Map, Rules, OOAs 
Victory in the West (GMT) Map B 
Von Manstein (Rand) Map, Rules 
War and Peace (AH) Rules, Charts 
War at Sea (AH) Map 
War Without Mercy (COA) Map 
Waterloo (AH) Map 
Westwall (SPI) Rules Standard & Bastogne 
Wilderness War (GMT) Map, Charts, Rules, Playbook, Clips 
Wooden Ships & Iron men (AH) Rules 
World in Flames (ADG) 5th ed. Map, Weather chits (worn), Some charts


Strategy & Tactics #259 (magazine only) Dominion- Mini Expansion Envoy Cards Die Macher- 3 cards (unknown purpose) AH PBM Pads: Afrika Korps, Anzio, Bulge 65, Bulge ’81, Kriegspiel, Luftwaffe, 1914, PanzerBlitz, Russian Campaign (Russian only), Stalingrad, Waterloo SL/ASL Boards: 1-4, 8, 16-24 SPI Simultaneous Movement Plotting Sheets

AH Non-Wargames: Executive Decision, Stock Market

Note: The “-h” after Rules denotes some highlighting/underlining and/or writing