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AHIKS OPEN MATCH REQUESTS  (last updated: 5 February 2018)

Note that new mach requests are now listed in RED

A House Divided GDW Graeme Dandy (916) ECV
Advanced Squad Leader MMP Jim Reimer (1877)
Anzio 7ed AH Mark Bayliss (1666) EP
Armageddon  S&T 34 Mike Dyer (1874) 
Battle of the Bulge '65 AH Roger Greezicki (1865) P
Battle of the Bulge AH Tom Yoder (1813) V
Bitter Woods CG Joe Ryan (1854) E
Blackbeard AH Jim Reimer (1877)
Blitzkrieg '75 AH Jeff Bullard (1901) PLV
Bloody Buna  #W Mike Dyer (1874) EV
Blue and Gray II SPI Mark Willmarth (1885)
Chancellorsville AH Greg Thornton (1879)
Conflict of Heroes AG Lourens te Beer (1908) EL
D-Day '77 AH Roger Greezicki (1865) P
D-Day Greg Thornton (1897)
Flight of the Goeben S&T 21 Mike Dyer (1874) EV
Flight Leader AH Scott McAninch (1718) P
Flying Colors GMT Graeme Dandy (916) EV
For the People GMT David Elkin (1888) FV
Gettysburg '64 AH Roger Greezicki (1865) P
Kriegspiel AH Robert Lentz (1895) EPX
The Longest Day AH Jeff Miller (1303)
Napoleon's Last Battles TSR Mark Willmarth (1885)
Panzer Battles Martin Spetz (1898)
PanzerGruppe Guderian AH Martin Spetz (1898)
Renaissance of Infantry S&T 22 Mike Dyer (1874) EV
Rise and Decline of the Third Reich AH Tom Yoder (1813) V
Richthofen's War AH Scott Saunders (1664)
Richthofen's War AH Scott McAninch (1718) P
Russia Besieged L2 Michael Paul (1586) P
The Russian Campaign Greg Thornton (1897)
Sealowe SPI Roger Eastep (291) V
Siege of Constantinople S&T #66 Richard Passow (1453) EPLX
Stalingrad 2nd Edition AH Roger Greezicki (1865) P
Storm over Dien Bien Phu MMP Andrew Patience (1646) V
Sweden Fights on GMT Richard Passow (1453) EPLX
Tac Air AH Martin Sabais (1711) EVSL
Tactical Game 3 PP Mike Dyer (1874) EV
Tactics II AH Robert Lentz (1895) EPX
Trireme AH Mark Bayliss (1666) EP
A Victory Lost MMP Martin Spetz (1898) 
War of the Suns MMP Jeff Miller (1303)
Warriors of God MMP Jeff Miller (1303)