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AHIKS OPEN MATCH REQUESTS  (last updated: 10 August 2017)

Note that new mach requests are now listed in RED

Advanced Squad Leader MMP Jim Reimer (1877)
Afrika Korps AH Alexander Martin (939)
Armageddon  S&T 34 Mike Dyer (1874) 
Battle of the Bulge '65 AH Roger Greezicki (1865) P
Battle of the Bulge AH Tom Yoder (1813) EV
Battle for Germany SPI Stephen Arthur ELV
Bitter Woods CG Joe Ryan (1854) E
Blackbeard Jim Reimer (1877)
Bloody Buna  #W Mike Dyer (1874) EV
Blue and Gray II SPI Mark Willmarth ()
D-Day '77 AH Roger Greezicki (1865) P
Flat Top AH Chris Hyland (1862) EG
Flight of the Goeben S&T 21 Mike Dyer (1874) EV
Flight Leader AH Scott McAninch (1718) P
Gettysburg '64 AH Roger Greezicki (1865) P
Grenadier SPI Mike Dyer (1874) EV
Napoleon's Last Battles TSR Mark Willmarth ()
Operation Typhoon SPI Thomas Ten Eyck (0826) EP
Renaissance of Infantry S&T 22 Mike Dyer (1874) EV
Rise and Decline of the Third Reich AH Tom Yoder (1813) V
Richthofen's War AH Scott Saunders (1664)
Richthofen's War AH Scott McAninch (1718) P
Russia Besieged L2 Michael Paul (1586) P
Sealowe SPI Roger Eastep (291) V
Stalingrad 2nd Edition AH Roger Greezicki (1865) P
Storm over Dien Bien Phu MMP Andrew Patience (1646) V
Tac Air AH Martin Sabais (1711) EVSL
Tactical Game 3 PP Mike Dyer (1874) EV
Turning Point Stalingrad AH Martin Sabais (1711) EVSL