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AHIKS OPEN MATCH REQUESTS  (last updated: 1 February 2017)

Note that new mach requests are now listed in RED

3rd Fleet VG Thomas Ten Eyck (0826) PE
5th Fleet VG Thomas Ten Eyck (0826) PE
1776 AH Bob Herbst (1442) E
1815: The Waterloo Campaign  GDW  Tony Arena (1652) C
1940 GDW Stuart Helm (1528) PEL
Across the Suez SPI John Trosky (1554) CV
Air Assault On Crete John Trosky (1554) CV
Albion, Land of Faerie SPI  Tony Arena (1652) C
Afrika Korps AH Alexander Martin (939)
Arab Israeli Wars AH John Trosky (1554) CV
Amateurs to Arms CoA  Rod Coffey (1493) V
Armada 2ed SPI  Tony Arena (1652) C
Battle Fleet Mars SPI Tony Arena 1652 C
Bitter Woods L2  Art Dohrman (1551) EV
Bitter Woods AH Mel Yarwood (36) P
Borodino S&T Mel Yarwood (36) P
Breakout Normandy L2 Art Dohrman (1551) EV
Bulge '81 AH Mel Yarwood (36) P
Chalons DG  Albert Bowie (299) EP
Constantinople S&T 66  Richard Passow (1453) EPS
D-Day '77 AH Tom Walsh (1427) P
Descent on Crete SPI Tony Arena (1652) C
Dragon Pass AH Tony Arena (1652) VC
Dresden SPI  Albert Bowie (299) EP
Elric AH Tony Arena (1652) V
Empire in Arms AH Time Dekker (1593)
Eylau SPI  Albert Bowie (299) EP
First World War SPI Tony Arena (1652) C
Flat Top AH Chris Hyland (1862) EG
Flight Leader '86 AH Paul Pearson (1638) EPV
Fulda Gap SPI Tony Arena (1652) V
Golden Horde/Kulikovo 1380 ATO Albert Bowie (299) E
Great Medieval Battles SPI Albert Bowie (299) E
Hitler's War AH Stuart Helm (1528) PEVL
Imperium Romanum II  WEG Tony Arena (1652) VM
Kursk SPI Tony Arena (1652) C
Last Chance for Victory Bruce Gelinas (1668) VG
The Longest Day  AH Tony Arena (1652) V
Napoleon's Last Battles SPI Mel Yarwood (36) P
Operation Typhoon SPI Thomas Ten Eyck (0826) EP
Pacific War VG Ross Jefferson (1836) FEVG
Paths of Glory GMT Andrew Patience (1646) V
Red Star White Eagle GDW Tony Arena (1652) V
Red Sun Rising SPI Tony Arena (1652) C
Rhichtofen's War AH Scott Saunders (1664)
Rock of the Marne MMP Ken Oates (1238) PEV
The Russian Campaign L2 Alexander Martin (939) V
Russian Front AH Mel Yarwood (36) P
Salerno MMP Ken Oates (1238) PEV
Sealowe SPI Tony Arena (1652) C
Sorcerer  SPI  Tony Arena (1652) C
Squad Leader AH John Carpenter (1830) EV
Stalingrad AH George Philles (697)
Storm over Arnhem AH Andrew Patience (1646) V
Summer Storm: The Gettysburg Campaign CoA Tony Arena (1652) V
Sweden Fights On GMT Richard Passow (1453) EPS
Third World War GDW Tony Arena (1652) V
To The Green Fields Beyond  SPI John Trosky (1554) CEV
Twilight Struggle GMT Chris Hancock (565)
Twilight Struggle GMT Michael Mitchell (1086) ETF
The U.S. Civil War GMT Tony Arena (1652) V
A Victory Denied MMP Ed O'Connor (1243) V
A Victory Lost MMP Ed O'Connor (1243) V
War Between the States SPI Tony Arena (1652) V
War of the Ring SPI Tony Arena (1652) C
Waterloo AH Wes Coates (1823)
Western Desert - Europa GDW Tony Arena (1652) V
Wooden Ships & Iron Men AH Bob Herbst (1442) E