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What do you get when you join AHIKS?

  1. 1.You get quality opponents to play those war games you've owned for quite some  time but are gathering dust because you haven't found a suitable opponent.  We have members from all around the globe.  Some are seasoned veterans, others are more typical and some are new to the hobby.

  2. 2.You get people willing to help.  Are you a little rusty on some of those rules or are you just starting out?  Perhaps you need assistance using a playing aid such as Cyberboard or VASSAL.  AHIKS members are willing to help you make your hobby more enjoyable.

  3. 3.You get a dedicated Die Roll server.  Are you tired of trying to find a reliable Die Roll server to conduct your combat or trigger events (such as weather or variant situations)?  AHIKS has a dedicated Die Roll Server that will support your gaming needs.

  4. 4.You get an open forum: we have many discussion threads taking place and even several games are being played on-line.

  5. 5.You get replacement counters!  Darn - you just lost a counter.  You could make one on your own but if you are not good at drawing or crafts look no further!  AHIKS has a counter pool, where you can replace your lost counters.

  6. 6.You get The Kommandeur: the AHIKS premier publication.  You'll discover new games, upcoming events such as war game conventions, learn some history, follow some games members are playing, and more.

How much does all of this cost?

At the moment: NOTHING!  That's right - you heard it here - nothing!  If you join and sign up for electronic delivery of the Kommandeur, you pay nothing in dues.

Our Secretary is anxiously awaiting your application. As is true with any society, new members with their fresh insights into the hobby are something we look forward to. Your primary contact with the society initially will be the Secretary who is ready to answer any question you may have about AHIKS.

Simply click on the link below to fill out an online application.  If you have any trouble with the online form, a print version (.doc file) is available for downloading, filling out and mailing.

The print version can be mailed to the Secretary:

Chris Hancock

11976 Stoney Peak Drive, Apt 924

San Diego, CA 92128

Looking forward to seeing you on the front lines soon!