AHIKS is an acronym that stands for "Avalon Hill International Kriegspiel Society".
When AHIKS was established in March 1966, the Avalon Hill Game Company was about the only company publishing board war games. Now our members play games from virtually every game manufacturer. AHIKS is the longest standing board war game group of its kind.
AHIKS is an international, nonprofit society whose members play board war games by ordinary postal mail, email, telephone, realtime computer applications, our online forum or by any means of communication between remotely located players. 
AHIKS was established to foster fair, fun, and friendly game play between the members. Our society maintains the highest standards of fair play so that our members will have the best gaming experience possible.  We strive to encourage the building of friendships, relationships, and camaraderie among our members.  In some cases our members have established lifelong friendships as a result of AHIKS.
Prospective members are asked to include a brief personal sketch with their application so that we can introduce you to the membership in our newsletter. The sketch might include:
1. Types of games you enjoy playing. 
2. Other hobbies. 
3. Brief family and job information. 
This should be a brief summary so the membership can meet you in the pages of our newsletter. It should not require a major effort on your part.  
We publish a bimonthly newsletter called the "Kommandeur". The newsletter contains hints on postal gaming, game review, play strategies, historical background, after-action reports, opinions, debates, news by and about the members and the hobby, new games published by the game companies and most importantly a list of Open Match Requests for members seeking opponents. 
Our success as a play-by-mail or play-by-email organization is in large part because of our strictly controlled Intercontinental Combat Resolution Key or “ICRK” die roll system. This computer generated random number playing aid sheet provides die roll results without any need for stock reading results or other such methods. Players are free to use any die roll method they desire when playing a game but the optional ICRK is available for use in any game. 

Another optional die rolling method available to the members is our own, dedicated online die roll server.  It combines the best features of many currently available online die rollers while adding new features not found anywhere else.  Members are able to use this method of die rolling if they so choose. Whether you use a computer gaming utility, email or play war games by mail, AHIKS has optional systems available to the members for generating truly random dice results for all kinds of events, such as combat results, weather, supply, etc.
AHIKS also has an optional game matching service. Our members can either arrange their own game matches or use the AHIKS game matching system. The AHIKS Match Coordinator matches players requesting a specific game and, if requested, generates the ICRK sheet for that game. Each ICRK sheet is controlled by a code number and filed with the MC. Thus the game situations requiring die rolls can be resolved in the same convenient and foolproof manner whether your opponent is across the street or on another continent.
Members can be matched in as many or as few games as they desire and can keep up with at any one time. To obtain a game match members can send a Match Request Form available on this web site to the Match Coordinator or simply fill out the form online and submit it electronically.  In the event the game you want to play cannot be filled immediately the Match Coordinator places your request in the Open Match Request Column that appears in every issue of the AHIKS Newsletter. 
AHIKS has a system to resolve any game rules issues that may develop during game play. Rules disputes are referred to the AHIKS Judge who provides impartial decisions. A file of rules decisions is maintained by the Judge and provides consistent rules interpretations on any given game. 
AHIKS also maintains a Unit Counter Pool. This pool contains not only counters available for literally hundreds of war games but also player aides, rule books and other accessories that can be provided to members who may be missing an item or two from the game they wish to play.  
We also have many interesting features available on our web site including a list of wargaming links, downloadable Orders of Battle and a Forum where members can meet and discuss all things wargaming as well as play games online, arrange games with opponents or simply chat about life.  AHIKS offers game tournaments from time to time as well as multi-player, simultaneous or hidden movement games with a game moderator. 
AHIKS yearly dues are set by the Executive Committee and depend on our current operating budget and any surplus that we may have. The dues structure is posted in the AHIKS newsletter. 
AHIKS officers are all volunteers. The officers serve at the pleasure of the membership. Elections are held every four years coinciding with the national elections of the United States. Some Executive Committee positions are appointed by the President as described in the by laws.  
If you are interested in war gaming and want fair play and reliable opponents, then AHIKS is for you. For more information on how to join AHIKS please refer to our New Member Application section or contact Duncan Rice at mc@ahiks.com.